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The mission of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Society (MPhS) is to represent the views and ideals of minority pharmacists in the State of Maryland on critical issues affecting health care and pharmacy, to advance the standards of pharmaceutical care among all practitioners, and to enlighten the minority community on health care and treatment issues as well as special community projects.


The goals of MPhS are the following:
  • To stimulate a friendly relationship among all healthcare practitioners
  • To sponsor or influence the enforcement and enactment of just pharmacy and pharmaceutical laws
  • To stimulate public opinion in regard to the value of pharmacists in the community
  • To acknowledge the accomplishments of minorities that were systematically obscured
  • To mentor and provide financial assistance for pharmacy students

Continuing Eduction

The Society sponsors Continuing Education on current health related topics. C.E. dinner meetings are usually at no charge to members and are sponsored through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, Schools of Pharmacy, government agencies, financial institutions, or other organizations. Also, the Society has partnered with other pharmacy and minority health related organizations to host joint CE programs.

The Society provides support to pharmacy students, including awarding annual scholarships (since 1974) to graduates from Howard University and the University of Maryland.

Members serve as preceptors and as representatives on various Boards including the Maryland Board of Pharmacy, conduct presentations and  workshops of interest to students, serve as tutors in A Bridge to Academic Excellence high school tutoring program, and serve as mentors to the Student National Pharmaceutical Association members and other interested students. Further, the Society dedicates its February meeting to Maryland students to discuss their organizational activities.

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